Apparition MrCiastku / Fat Dog Games 2018

Early Access Release First-person survival horror with ghosts, demons and Spirit Board. Set in a fictional, haunted American forest, Green Creek. Use your camera and audio recorder to prove the existence of the supernatural, putting yourself in grave danger. During the night in the forest, you fight for more evidence of the existence of ghosts and for your own life. Speak with the dead with a Spirit Board. Use your camera and audio recorder to register them, putting yourself in dire risk. There’s no defense against the ghosts or demons other than hiding. The more traces of ghosts you record, the more points you earn. Use them to upgrade your gear and access new places. But you have to get out alive to keep them. Features: Interactive Spirit Board that answers your own questions; Different apparitions roaming the forest; Earn precious points, barely escaping with your life; It will scare the bejeezus out of you.
Download: None currently available

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