RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore PixelLore, Remimory / Nicalis 2019

This is a hack'n'slash enriched with elements taken from the roguelike production. The story told in RemiLore focuses on two heroines - Remi, an ordinary pupil, and Lore, an awakened, speaking book that is called a master of magic. The girl and her unusual companion find themselves in the fantastic world of Ragnoah, invaded by sinister golems. The task of the protagonists is first of all to find a way out of this land (if any). Along the way, however, they have to face the machines and get to know the mysterious Choux, an android trying to lay their hands on Lore. The action is shown in isometric projection. Traversing through procedurally generated locations (which we visit in different seasons of the year), we deal primarily with the fight against numerous adversaries - among them we will find both serial enemies occurring in bulk quantities, as well as powerful bosses. In clashes with them we make use of more than 200 weapons, a wide range of combat spells and special abilities provided by Lore. In order to maximize our chances of winning, we have to combine attacks in spectacular combinations. In addition, as we progress, we unblock new costumes for the protagonist. You can play not only on your own, but also in cooperation mode - the other player takes control of the above mentioned Choux.
Download: None currently available

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