Den Flygande Mattan [Sw] Alega Software 2004

The Flying Carpet complements the series with Sweden's most sold and used mathematics program. You meet an exciting and learning program, full of great graphics and music and it gives you active help. You travel around Egypt in search of your friend. The carpet is for you around the Nile, Cairo, the Desert, the Oasis, the Pyramids and the Sphinx, where you meet different thematic areas in mathematics. During your journey you are faced with gambling, and a lot of mathematical problems. Six environments, six mathematical areas and six different melodies. Music that makes you happy and makes your body swing with Emad Sayyah, Hossam Ramzy and Klezmer festival band. Six different themes: Speech concepts, Clock, Almanac, Money, Geometry and Measurement. Practice: everyday mathematics, mental arithmetic, addition, subtraction, time, date, ingenious devices, length measurement devices, tricky units, currency exchange, price calculations, mathematical games, etc.
Swedish ISO Demo 283MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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