Sword of Kimo [It] Bounding Sphere / EXA Media 2004

For years ancient China boasted in its empire long seasons of Happiness until the dojo Rozoa, close adviser of the imperial family, longing behind the emperor himself, came into possession of one of the 7 parchments that controlled harmony on the 7 lands. From that moment the chaos came and the Earth appeared powerful and evil creatures. Only a young and innocent child can defeat evil and bring harmony back to the empire. Help Kimo find the 7 parchments and defend the poor people from the enemies. To help you there will be the valuable advice of the sage, his stars and especially the family Katana. Features: 8 levels + Boss level; 7 parchments to be recovered; Weapons - Katana, Ninja stars; Saving - Password; 50 difficulty levels.
Italian ISO Demo (mdx image) 3.4MB (uploaded by myloch)

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