Back to 1998 Bold Pixel 2019

Do you love point & click adventures from the 90s? You're in right place. Become a hero, who is solving puzzles in different locations doing his best to get back to his home and family. Lot's of gadgets from those times, good sense of humor and unforgettable dialogs, which will entertain you. It's like in real life, there is no SAVE GAME option. It's a modern game with retro look and feel. Use your mouse or finger to find hidden objects. Use them wisely to solve puzzles and discover new adventures. Funny characters and dialogs - Meet plenty of different characters in "Back to 1998" and have a chat with them. Help them so they can help you win the game. And don't mess with the cat. Items and interactions - A lot of objects from the 90's that you can use. Connect items together to get something new. Solve puzzles based on funny hints hidden in the game. Interesting places - You're in the '90s so arcade games are your friends. Visit the owner of an arcade to get something useful for your mission. What's the mission? Check in the game. Hidden items must be seeked in different locations that may be useful. Some of them can be easily found, some are a bit hidden. Try to get everything to finish the game. Hidden minigames - Find floppy disk, repair your home computer and play a game to get the highest score. Play some old arcade games.
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