Robot Wants It All Hamumu Games Inc. 2019

Robot wants stuff, so go get it for him. This game is a compilation of the original Robot Wants games from 2010: Robot Wants Kitty, Robot Wants Puppy, Robot Wants Fishy, and Robot Wants Ice Cream. In addition, it includes Robot Wants Y!?, a mini-game that was actually the main banner on the JayIsGames website for a while. And of course, Robot wouldn't be wanting it all if we didn't add Robot Wants Justice, a brand new Robot adventure. Robot Wants pioneered the "mini-metroidvania" concept - an adventure you play through over an hour or less, collecting the powerups you need to go from zero to Kitty along the way. And all with a clock ticking - speedruns are the goal. Each of the included games includes 2 alternate maps (an "Easy" map, which sometimes is not so easy, but we guarantee it is short. And a "Remix" map, which is never easy, or quick), and there are also 12 Mutators which allow you to transform the way the game plays in a variety of helpful and horrible ways. Features: Online high scores to compete with your friends - each unique combination of mutators has a separate high score table, so try to be the best at your specialty; The ultimate Metroidvania action - you can't even JUMP without first finding a power-up in some of these games; A massive shop full of features and game modes to unlock as you play (with space money, not real money. No IAP or DLC here); Extreme alien blasting in Robot Wants Kitty; Intense kitty-hurling action in Robot Wants Puppy; Psychotic mad bombing in Robot Wants Fishy; A unique combination of Metroidvania and RPG in Robot Wants Ice Cream; Serious puzzle-solving action in Robot Wants Y?!; Alien-smashing, air-dashing combos in Robot Wants Justice.
Robot Wants Kitty - Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Kongregate)
Robot Wants Puppy - Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Kongregate)
Robot Wants Fishy - Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Kongregate)
Robot Wants Ice Cream - Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Kongregate)
Robot Wants Y?! - Browser-Playable Free Flash Banner Game (uploaded by Jay Is Games)

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