Close to the Sun Storm in a Teacup / Wired Productions 2019

This is a first person adventure in a horror atmosphere. The action takes place at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century, but the vision of those times presented by the authors is very different from what we can find in history books. In the game world, mankind immediately noticed the genius of Nikola Tesla and his inventions became part of everyday life, providing him with the means to make even more groundbreaking discoveries changing the fate of the whole civilization. We play the role of a young journalist named Rose, who, in search of her missing sister, goes on board a giant sea ship designed by Tesla himself for scientific purposes. When she arrives at the place, she quickly discovers that the unit has become an arena of supernatural nightmare. Massacred corpses of the crew lie everywhere, and the deck is terrorized by beasts not reminiscent of anything that comes from the Earth. It's an adventure in which we observe the events from the eyes of the heroine. The authors have prepared a variety of challenges that test both our cunning and dexterity. We also spend a lot of time sneaking behind our enemies' backs and running away from them. In addition, the creators showed great ingenuity in inventing the ways in which the character we lead may die.
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