Vintergatan: Fifunernas Återkomst [Sw] Teknikhuset i Umeå AB / Pan Vision 2004

This is the second game based on the Swedish television series Vintergatan following Vintergatan: Rädda Jorden! which was released just a few months earlier. It has largely the same gameplay and reuses parts of the assets from the first game. This time the player has to stop an evil space race called the Fifuns from taking over the universe. The Fifuns collect different living beings that they enslave and they suck up all the nature resources from the planets they come across. Like in the first game the player takes control of a space ship that is navigated through various solar systems. What's new is that the player need to use memory modules to open up black holes that allow him to travel to new solar systems. Memory modules have to be created by the player with the use of a machine called the carbon atom processor. This is done by placing various items on the machine which then transform them into a module. Recipes can be found that shows what ingredients are needed. The platforming sections when landing on planets remain largely the same as in the original. One difference is that the player now can use grenades to take out enemies. The mini-games for space duels and dodging asteroids are different. In the original game these were played from a first-person perspective but here they are played from a top-down perspective and works similarly to a fixed screen shoot 'em up. Players who have both games installed will be able to copy their player profiles to the new game and will then get access to an extra solar system to explore.
Swedish ISO Demo 656MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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