6 Grooms And 1 Extra / 6 ženichů a 1 navíc [Cz] Enteron / Illusion Softworks 2003

This is a free sequel to the comedic adult Czech adventure. In the game, you once again meet with the detective Venco who at the end of the first part conquered the 7 daughters of a wealthy tycoon Smihta. His new job is under threat of death, to find each new bride and father of her children. In more than two dozen locations you familiarize yourself with people's extraordinary stories. In the pub you can expect warm sweet Chief Tony. In the sex shop you find an abhorrent individual (the brother of a local priest), who very much likes sharing a truly disgusting story from his childhood. The homeless man standing in the plaza has not had an easy life and the burden of his fate has already driven a number of players to tears. If you're not afraid of black humor, download! There's text and dubbed versions.
Czech Full Freeware With Speech 181MB (uploaded by Cshry)

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