Abbey, The / Murder At The Abbey Alcachofa Soft S.L / Crimson Cow 2008

The game tells the story of Leonardo, a former royal advisor. The Vatican sends him and his assistant Bruno off to a remote monastery, where things aren't as peaceful as one would expect from such a place. Monks, murder, and suspense. An old abbey is the scene of a series of mysterious murders, and only one man can put a stop to the slaughter. Former grand inquisitor Leonardo and his assistant Bruno are sent to the isolated abbey by the Vatican to investigate the strange goings on surrounding a carefully guarded secret. Yet hardly have they arrived when their quest is overshadowed by an attempt on their lives. Featuring new technology which allows camera angles and action scenes that until now have only been seen in movies, The Abbey is a clerical mystery with suspense that goes beyond that of a conventional adventure. Innovative cinematic presentation through a new method of combining 2D and 3D graphics unique in a point-and-click adventure game. It has a faithful reproduction of a medieval abbey, architecture, works of art, secret passageways and treasures. There's 1,000 scenes in 60 locations which promise 40 hours of gameplay. It has cinematic sound: music, effects, and top quality voice output completely in Dolby Surround Sound, over 70 minutes of orchestral soundtrack by the Prague Symphony Orchestra, and professional voice recordings with star voices. In June/2010, a Windows 7-compatible Director's Cut was released that included a variety of enhancements: new scenes and several new puzzles and footage plus a new and spectacular final puzzle. It has revised playability, so that you can play in any order and choosing one path or another, a new additional voice-over, visual improvements and changes: polished backgrounds, new characters, special effects, etc. Also, double-clicking increases the speed of the main character movement, and there's modified conversations for a boost to the pace of the game.
Extras, Wallpapers, Making of Video 184MB (uploaded by mr.editor)
Director's Cut - ISO Demo 1.62GB (uploaded by zobraks)
3CD ISO Demo 2.03GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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