Adventures of Ninja Nanny & Sherrloch Sheltie: No 11 Downing Street Silicon Alley 1993

It's a mystery story. It's educational... Click on hotwords in the story and it comes alive with animation - visit the wacky pigs. Archie's got quite a vocabulary, so check it out in the amazing DictioPedia NinjaNannica, a mini-classical education, a sort of National Enquirer for knowledge. No. 11 Downing St. is an interactive novel for pre-tens and teenages. It narrates the adventures of Ninja Nanny, a mischievous cow in search of her heritage, and her companion Sherrlock Sheltie. The story leads to animated sequences that introduce a host of unusual fiends and foes as Baron von Moribund trails Ninja Nanny through San Francisco, London, and the Cotswolds. No. 11 Downing St. uses sidebars to emphasize clues to the overall mystery of Ninja Nanny's heritage, give local color to a scene, or develop more richly the emerging relationship between the two main characters. The text contains hot-words and phrases that link to the DictioPedia which explains words, ideas, and settings. It's full of double entendres and puns, as you would expect from a company that calls itself Silicon Alley. Graphics often resemble turn-of-the-century clip art. Clicking on various objects causes items to move and entertain the user. For example, clicking on the bumper stop of a loading dock in chapter three reveals that it reads 'The truck stops here - H. Truman, Postmaster.' Looking up Truman in the DictioPedia indicates that he once went bankrupt and served heroically in World War I. One can see footage of the war and then see one of Tuman's most trying moments, firing General Douglas MacArthur during the Korean War. The user can also see MacArthur make his famous 'I shall return' speech. Those who appreciate the humor of Monty Python will love this product.
ISO Demo 196Mb (uploaded by Egon68)

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