Akuma: Demon Spawn / Lamentation Sword / Legend of Ghost Hunter Trigger Soft / Lomax Software / JC Research Inc. 1999

This is an isometric RPG adventure. When Satan awakes from his long sleep, it’s up to three brave warriors to defeat and send him back home again. Known as the Blood Trinity, these fine warriors each possess different skills that can be combined to create a truly powerful force. If managed poorly, however, evil will run rampant on the Earth. You’ll travel through dozens of uncharted lands, picking up weapons, magic items, and money that will help you buy additional items. Presented in 3D real-time, the game offers hours of play and impressive AI. Up to three players can get in on the action. One warrior, Elim, is a noble Korean swordsman. The second, Kusa, is a Japanese sorcerer. The third is a woman, Raening, a martial arts expert skilled in archery. They will need all their skill and experience as they learn the story of the Blood Sword and vow to find it and use it to kill Satan. Sometimes the people you meet and the relationships you forge with them are what will stand you in good stead in the future. Be careful who you are rude to or discard as uninteresting. Appearances can be deceptive and not everyone who offers to help you can be trusted.
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Level Demo ~30Mb ( @ Download.com)
Full Demo 44MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
ISO Demo 334MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Full Demo 96MB (uploaded by Fajnegry.pl)

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