Alien Incident Housemarque Ltd. / Gametek 1996

This is a very traditional 2D point'n'click adventure game. It includes lots of funny Star Wars references. You play the role of a teenager called Benjamin who's visiting his uncle's house at Halloween. His uncle, a home-grown scientist, attempts to activate his latest invention, the wormhole spawner. Amazingly enough, it works and rips open a wormhole to another galaxy, transporting an alien spacecraft to Earth. The aliens kidnap your uncle and, surprisingly, your mission is to rescue him (and the world, but you knew that already). It's a fun, unassuming science fiction adventure that is great for young adventurers due to its family-oriented plot and easy puzzles. It must have been developed with the fledgling gamer in mind, and in that sense seems to be going in the right direction. Along with its clever animation and interesting storyline, it reinforces to the new or younger gamer the idea that fun, challenging gameplay doesn't have to include violence. The tone of the game is well established very early and nicely maintained throughout. There are the usual gathering and intelligent deployment of assorted objects for puzzles.
Full Demo 7Mb ( @ Staregry)
Full Demo 10Mb ( @ Abandonia)
ISO Demo 116MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with DOSBox 115MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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