Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure Cryo Interactive Entertainment, Dark Horse Interactive / Mindscape, Inc. 1995

This adventure is loosely based on the Aliens comic book series with many references to the "Labyrinth" graphic novel. You play Lt. Col. Henricksen, an ex-colonial marine who is now the commander of a terraforming team. The object of the game is to travel to remote outpost B54-C in order to find the cause of a distress call your vessel received. Once there, your team finds that the base has been overrun with aliens. You must find out how this happened and escape before either the aliens find you, or another mysterious alien race destroys the planet to eradicate the alien threat. In the game, the player can use Synthetic Aliens in order study the real Aliens. Also the concept of a military base, using the Aliens to build an army against the Earth was original and was opening new horizons.
2CD ISO Demo 1.10GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with DOSBox 1.17GB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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