Azur & Asmar Wizarbox / OUAT / EMME 2007

Immerse yourself in the magic atmosphere of Azur and Asmar thanks to this platform/adventure game based on the animated film of Michel Ocelot (who also did Kirikou). Azur, a blond boy with blue eyes, son of the lord of the manor, and Asmar, a dark haired boy with black eyes, son of Azur's nanny, meet again after having been brutally separated during their childhood. Both of them are determined to find the Djinns fairy they heard so much about when they were younger. In order to find her, they will have to foil dangerous traps, fight mean brigands and solve many enigmas. Alternatively, players will control Azur or Asmar and use their own specific capacities to make it to the next levels as varied as they are dangerous. There's 13 levels faithful to the film's atmosphere in varied locales: desert, palace, mountains, caves. Logic and ability will be necessary to find the Warm key or the Perfumed key and use their magic powers. There's also many different enemies and traps to overcome in order to succeed in the different missions.
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DVD ISO Demo 1.03GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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