Bad Milk Dreaming Media 2000

The date is February 3rd. The coffee you just drank had milk in it. That milk expired on October 25th. Oops. Now you're dead, and if you want to be reincarnated, you need to find your way through a strange, dark maze of bizarre puzzles contained in large panels floating in the nothingness that surrounds you. Each puzzle uses full motion video, and the goal is somewhat abstract and not quite apparent in the beginning. It loosely falls into the "wander and wonder" genre popularized by Myst. It's also an exhibit of interactive, avante guarde video art. The game involves solving a series of interactive video puzzles, sometimes in complete darkness with only hearing and virtual touch as guides, and at other times by pushing, pulling and exploring pieces of the video art until another part of the puzzle is solved. The game player controls the revolutions of the bald head, as well as its facial hair growth; and uses innovative technology to manipulate the video and, for example, move a live person as if that person were a puppet. It's a difficult passage, but the prize makes it all worthwhile: virtual rebirth, peering into to the eyes of two obstetricians that welcome the newborn player back into the world. The game won the 2002 grand prize at the Independent Games Festival.
Level Demo ~28Mb ( @ Official Site)
ISO Demo 281MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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