Billy Blade And The Temple Of Time Fusion Labs / Nerlaska / Iridon Interactive 2005

In this 3rd-person 3D platform adventure, you are expert treasure hunter and renowned sword master, Billy Blade sets out on an expedition to discover the legendary "Temple of Time" and steal the mythical crystal of ages. The shimmering stone of supernatural powers is said to be a controlling device that can open the very portals of time. When Billy finds the time crystal, something goes terribly wrong and his friend Kong the monkey becomes trapped inside it. To save Kong, Billy must solve the riddle of the temple and defeat the guardians of time. His new-found quest sends him back in time to the frozen waste of the ice age, the sand-swept cities of ancient Persia, and the swashbuckling shores of the Caribbean. There's a wide-ranging dual blade combat system including special power-ups such as Blade of Fire and Blade of Speed. Battle against lots of cool enemies in more than 40 areas, including baddies such as Persian Warriors, Cro-Magnon men, and Cursed Pirates. It includes a broad range of puzzle elements and lots of platforms, with tons of moves: Run, jump, roll, fight, and collect Time Crystals to build up your special powers.
60-minute Trial Demo 138Mb ( @ Gamer's Hell)
Full Demo 81MB Intro Addon 15MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo 217MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Nordic ISO Demo 666MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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