Blackstone Chronicles, John Saul's Legend Entertainment / Mindscape 1998

Blackstone Chronicles was originally a series of episodic mystery/thriller novels written by John Saul. The series consisted of six parts (similar to the marketing for Stephen King's The Green Mile) and took place in a small New Hampshire town called Blackstone. In each novel a person or persons received a "gift" from an unknown source and began to have strange, terrible things happen to them or those around them. The final novel revealed who was behind it all and climaxed in a showdown between the characters. This game is a sequel to the novels, and takes place several years after the sixth book, and continues the story of Oliver Metcalf, his family, and the town of Blackstone. The game starts with Oliver arriving at the Blackstone Asylum, which has been purchased and is being turned into a Museum of Psychiatric History. That doesn't sit well with Malcolm Metcalf, Oliver's father and last superintendent of the Asylum, who died some forty years before. All of the activity involved in transforming the Asylum has awakened its residents. For reasons not yet known to Oliver or the player, his father has taken his son, Joshua, and hiddden him somewhere in the Asylum, apparently to coerce Oliver there. While the game was not a large success, it is highly sought-after by fans of the series, some even referring to it as the seventh 'book'. The game is impressive for its expansion of the novels' plot, its dark and unsettling atmosphere, and the chilling voice acting done by Henry Strozier (Malcolm Metcalf).
2CD ISO Demo 1.08GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Full Demo with Win95 Emulation (Hi-Res Videos only) 894MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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