Blade Warrior / Zyclunt Phantagram Ltd. / Miwon Information Technology 1996

Based on BLUE, Phantagram's own fast and effective game engine platform, Blade Warrior displays parallax, huge bosses, multiple PCM and spectacular visual effects at 30fps even on lower 486 PC's. Gloomy and stylish graphics, intense battles, and attractive characters complete this high quality Action title. The world has been enslaved by Murk, and players are challenged to free it by collecting the seven fragments of a tablet which are in the possession of seven wizards who inhabit seven towers. The game is a mix of adventuring and battling, in which players are tasked with collecting magical items and exploring the landscape of the game via the in-game map, all the while being assaulted by 'baddies'. Various facilities in the game are accessible only when a certain number of artifacts have been collected. It's a fun anime side-scrolling platformer that not many people have heard about, mostly due to it being distributed only in shareware channels. The game is set in a dystopian future: in the year 2002 AD, planet earth was on the edge of social and economic breakdown due to incurable diseases, drugs, crimes, etc. Cyborgs and Bioroids were being exploited by the crime lords in their fight against the Establishment. You are Sou, member of Zyclunt - a band of retired and discredited soldiers paid by the Establishment to undertake covert missions. The various kinds of robots and Cyborgs you encounter look like they are ripped straight out from popular Japanese comics (manga) - it's a lot of fun just watching their cool designs and attacks. There are several cutscenes between missions that advance the story, and those are also very well done. The international Windows versions apparently alters a few things (new cinematics, a new stage).
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Level Demo 3MB ( @
Full Demo ~10MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 377MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Zyclunt DOS Full Demo 401MB (uploaded by Nemo838)
Korean ISO Demo 494MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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