Brother Bear KnowWonder, Inc. / Disney Interactive 2003

This game based on the Disney animated movie, allows the player to immerse himself or herself in the fully interactive version of Kenai's world, being thoroughly entertained and a part of the lush 3-D environment. Not only can players play Kenai and Koda as bears, they can also transform into a wolf, crow, and an eagle. Features real-time 3-D gameplay based upon the grand adventure of Brother Bear, a fully interactive world and ability to play with seven characters from the film. Take control of Kenai as he makes his way to where the lights touch the earth. Along with his sidekick Koda you journey through levels like The Valley of Fire which and the Aspen Forest and meet up with other characters like Rutt and Tuke as well as combat sequences with Denahi, the hunter.
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Full Demo 134MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 221MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Nordic ISO Demo 213MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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