Captain Gysi und das Raumschiff Bonn [G] Burns Software / PDS 1997

This game has been published by a German political party: the PDS. That's the Party of Democratic Socialism - the direct follow-up of the party which ruled the GDR with an iron fist. The title hero of the game, Gregor Gysi is their best known and most respected member. One of the very few figures which actually could have a chance to get voted. So before the election of the parliament in 1998, the PDS decided a bit 'different' advertising can't hurt. The result is a pretty short and easy Adventure in classical style. The controls could have been taken out of a Westwood Adventure: the omnipotent left click combined with the examining right click. Combined with the low number of locations and the puzzles ranging from obvious to brain-insulting, it's no problem solving the game within half an hour. Unlike in most other promotial games, the story itself is the not-so-subtle message. All the characters are taken from German politics, each item is some kind of allusion to a government decision. Even the rooms and decks of the spaceship are named after people. Unfortunately, the advertisement level somehow kills a bit of the fun: it's just too much. Not subtle satire, but they try hammering it into your head. The positive aspects (professional game design, fair and logical puzzles) make it worth playing though.
German Full Demo 1.77MB (uploaded by Werbespiel-Archiv)
German Full Demo 1MB (uploaded by The Good Old Days)

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