Captain Quazar Cyclone Studios / 3DO Company, The 1997

The idea behind Captain Quazar is simple - control the Captain, kill the bad guys and save the day. Everything in this huge galaxy can be blown away, but be careful where you lay waste, because you have to manage your resources to survive. The game is a tongue-in-cheek science fiction adventure. The player controls the titular character from a third-person, isometric view, (a not-too-bright, futuristic, Rambo-style law enforcement officer) as he crosses the galaxy on different missions for his irate police chief. The player is able to utilize a variety of futuristic and fantastical guns, missiles, and bombs. Different weapons can be picked up or bought at the beginning, and at certain places within each level. Enemies can also occasionally be interrogated for information, which can open up secret levels and items. The game only allows the player to save at the beginning of each level.
Level Demo included in: Windows 95 Game Sampler 2 (1996) ISO Demo 315MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
Full Demo 9MB ( @ Fajnegry)
ISO Demo 239MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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