Colour of Murder, The: A Carol Reed Mystery MDNA Games / Merscom 2008

This is the fifth installment in the Carol Reed series, following Remedy, Hope Springs Eternal, Time Stand Still, and East Side Story. Carol has plans for her fourth Midsummer's Eve in Sweden, which is only three days ahead. Little does she realize that during the following few days she will encounter an adventure involving more challenging and intricate puzzles than she has overcome in any of her previous cases. It all begins when Carol is approached by her allotment neighbor. This man suspects that his slightly retarded son is somehow involved in a murder. This adventure takes Carol through dark tunnels, abandoned military areas, derelict mines, and beautiful places of historical importance, leading all the way up to the Royal Family. Join Carol in uncovering the truth behind this mystery whose roots stretch back nearly 100 years. Approach the solution step by step as you uncover quirky characters and question them, enabling Carol to assemble the pieces of this singular puzzle.
Level Demo 87MB (@ FileFront)
ISO Demo 545MB (uploaded by zobraks)

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