Case for Cap & Co, A T1 New Media / Fusion Academia, Tivola 1997

There's been a kidnapping in Roseborough. Zak, Karen's pedigree pooch, has been kidnapped, and the evil dognappers are demanding a huge ransom. With time running out and Karen's parents on vacation, the clever detectives of Cap & Co. must find the crooks and rescue Zak before it's too late. A Children's Software Revue 2000 All Star Award winner, this interactive whodunit challenges players (ages 8 and older) to ply their logic and observation skills. Each of Cap & Co.'s supersleuths has his or her own special attributes. Set in England, game environments include Forest Lane, Villa Lucre (Karen's home), the shopping mall, and Main Street. Each character uncovers unique clues and witness responses, so players learn deductive reasoning skills. Once the dognappers are discovered, an exciting hunt for Zak ensues! But, the mystery doesn't end there, because this game features multiple endings. Cap & Co. is a gang of three best friends (Cap, Karen, and Billy) with one cool tree house. Cap, an intrepid and dogged detective, always carries his handbook for master detectives with him--just in case the going gets rough. Karen is Zak's owner as well as the daughter of very rich parents. She brings smarts and resources to the trio. Billy, nicknamed "the Eye," is always on the lookout for clues and is never without his binoculars. Together, these three young detectives must talk to witnesses and sort the hot leads from the red herrings. It offers 150 different screens featuring witty comic-book-style animation designed to appeal to anyone with a love of fun, mystery, and suspense. Isabel Kurtz's artwork is complemented by a clever screenplay and compelling soundtrack.
ISO Demo 267MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 306MB (uploaded by Meddle)

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