Castle Master Incentive Software Ltd. / Domark Software, Inc. 1990

Castle Master is one of the forefathers to the "modern" 3D games: in this mix between adventure elements and action, as a Prince (or Princess) you have to explore a completely 3D medieval castle to free your beloved. The game requires the player, through a first-person view, to explore Castle Eternity. There are riddles on many of the castle walls, which give gamplay hints. There are also keys and pentacles hidden in various locations for the player to collect. Many rooms contain spirits which attack the player and reduce his or her strength. The player's only weapon is an unlimited supply of rocks to throw, but a single hit is sufficient to exorcise most of them. The game was built on the Freescape engine, which allowed solid, fully three-dimensional environments to be produced. The adventuring portion is a marked improvement over Total Eclipse in that the rooms are now recognizably different from one another, and puzzles more diverse and precise (finding keys to doors and secret tunnels are still the mainstay, however). Overall, a solid action/adventure that offers many hours of fun, although the control scheme is awkward and graphics still difficult to make out.
Full Demo 508kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Included in Virtual Worlds: The 3D Game Collection (1991) (3x 720kB) Floppy Image (uploaded by Molitor) plus Castle Master 2:The Crypt, Driller, Total Eclipse

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