Castle Master 2: The Crypt Incentive Software Ltd. / Domark Software, Inc. 1990

A number of copies of Castle Master came with an additional exclusive game called The Crypt. It uses the same Freescape game engine and continues the original plot. In this chapter, you'll have to free your beloved by entering and exploring a 3D crypt, activating lifts and exploring the various floors. It improves upon its predecessor by having more of everything: bigger world to explore (this time, a dank underground crypt under the castle you explored in the previous game), more secret passages to find, and more strange artifacts to find and find use for.
Full Demo 228kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Included in Virtual Worlds: The 3D Game Collection (1991) (3x 720kB) Floppy Image (uploaded by Molitor) plus Castle Master, Driller, Total Eclipse

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