Cate West: The Vanishing Files Gamenauts Inc, Menara Games 2008

During a book signing, the novelist Cate West is approached by the detective Ben Shepard who carries a photograph. As he lets it fall, Cate picks it up and has a vision while holding it. The vision is somewhat connected to a crime committed in Arcadia city, and that's when the police seeks Cate to help them solve a series of crimes dubbed The Vanishing Files. What Cate doesn't know yet is that those crimes are connected to her father's murder, which happened 17 years ago, and also to the Biblical legend of the 3 Magi. It's an adventure game heavily focused on puzzle solving. The gameplay consists in five steps. From a list of objects, the player has to find a certain number of clues for each case in the crime scenes available. Find evidence broken into several pieces and scattered in a crime scene. A pictorial guide will help the player finding each part while avoiding wrong clicks. To confirm a criminal's hideout, the player has to find differences between a photograph and Cate's vision, clicking either the left or right picture to spot them. The player has to pick the criminal among the suspects by searching the evidence for more clues which will point characteristics of the criminal. Once in the trial, the player has to match the courtroom testimony with the memory of the crime scene. A collection of objects will be given to the player and he has to place them on either one of the images so they can match. The player can use hints clicking on a hint button. Bonus points are also given for speed, i.e., finding objects in a quick sequence. The game's ending is determined by the amount of points earned throughout the gameplay. Finishing the game in the lesser time, picking the criminals in the first attempt and avoiding random clicking and using hints will grant the player the best ending possible.
1-Hour Trial Demo 75MB (@ Big Fish Games)
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Full Demo 82MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo 74MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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