Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's Adventure In Tinker Town Moving Pixels / MGM/UA Family Entertainment 1996

The title is inspired by the popular 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bank Bang based on a book by James Bond's Ian Fleming and starring Dick Van Dyke; it's recommended for children aged 4-8. Andrew Taylor, a science director for the Northern California elementary school system served as consultant to ensure the educational value and age appropriateness of the title. Chitty crashes through a fence into a junkyard where players use tools and mechanical skills to re-assemble her. Then, Chitty takes the player on a journey to the Island of Tinker Town where huge animated appliances are in need of repair. Missing parts and tools are hidden throughout the island and players solve puzzles to find them. Then, players use talking tools like Rita the wrench and Screwy Louie the screwdriver to fix the appliances. Along the way, kids learn aural comprehension, science, safety and memory skills. The dashboard of Chitty is the interface. The steering wheel, horn, glove box inventory storage, and three tools, including Screwy Louie, Rita the wrench, and Slammer the hammer. There's six science-based lock and key puzzles include sound, temperature, water, light, electricity, and magnetism. Nine lock and key problem solving puzzles include find lost valve, retrieve missing mouthpiece for grandma phone, and get inside Hot-Z and Tot-Z club. You must help repair broken Chitty and inhabitants of Tinker Town and locate and rescue the missing tools. There are hundreds of film quality clikable 3D animations and an entire adventure in a totally 3D world. There are twelve tinkerable objects, including Chitty, shower, sink, fan, toilet, stove, pump, generator, grandpa, fridge, heater, and phones. All these objects can be taken apart and put back together teaching the children how to use tools and how these basic objects function. Chitty has six original songs to sing along with including an opening theme song and an entire musical score.
ISO Demo 414MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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