Critical Path Mechadeus / Media Vision 1993

Critical Path was one of earliest games to be released on a CD, and featured real time video which made it appear to be graphically superior to most games of its time. In actuality, the entire game was an interactive movie, where most choices would simply cause the game to progress or end. Eileen Weisinger plays the main character "Kat," while the player plays an anonymous soldier confined to a control room of sorts. You and a female fellow soldier are stranded on an Island in a post-nuclear world. You are wounded and the building crawls with madmen led by General Min. The gameplay consists of the player using the available controls to aid Kat on her escape from the island on which both the characters are trapped. If successful, the player can guide, protect, and assist Kat to the player's location, in their bid to escape the island. The game was celebrated for its superior graphics and computer-generated imagery, but criticised for being little more than a 30 minute movie.
ISO Demo 287Mb (uploaded by Egon68)
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Full Demo with DOSBox 184MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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