Crystal Skull, The Some Interactive / Maxis Software Inc. 1996

A mythic aztec adventure. A mysterious relic. A perilous quest. An unlikely hero. Back in the glory days of the Aztecs, the emperor has a bad dream. He learns that white men are coming to destroy him, and the only way to stop them is to have a man named Quetzal find a crystal skull. In this adventure game, you bring Quetzal through the Aztec empire in his quest to find the crystal skull and save his empire. But beware - the journey is long and treacherous and unknown dangers lie in wait. Survive the threat of mythic monsters, evil spirits and deadly traps and you may live to discover the secret of the crystal skull. There's three CD's filled with hundreds of live action scenens, dozens of interactive puzzles, and 50 unique characters based on Aztec and Mayan mythology. Edward James Olmos, star of Miami Vice, Blade Runner, and Stand and Deliver, is your Shaman, a spirit guide who offers you help throughout your quest. It has extensive information about Aztec and Mayan culture available at the touch of a button. Your quest takes you through a rich and colorful environment of jungles, deserts and islands.
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3CD ISO Demo (uploaded by hfric) 1.05GB

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