Dark Mist: The Wizard Vanishes Pathworks Interactive / Emerald Forest Toys 2001

Earth has long had trouble with the Dark Mist, that mysterious force that has plagued the planet for eons, spreading negativity, hatred, and fear wherever it can. The good wizard, Professor Hardcastle, has been traveling the world studying and collecting samples of the elusive mist. Now he is entrapped in the Stone Chamber and he needs your help! Your powers of memory, logic, and reasoning – and the magic of kindness, courage, and wisdom – will help you solve the game's puzzles and challenges, defeat the Dark Mist, and save the Wizard! This is a fantasy multiple room-based discovery game designed for ages 8 to adult. The player must solve cognitive puzzles, collect items and spells, and interact with animated characters to discover what has happened to the wizard and release him from his imprisonment with the Dark Mist. The game was designed around a custom QTVR-type engine developed in Macromedia Director. The game includes original soundtracks, digital video, 2D animation, is non-violent, and includes positive value and self-worth messages throughout.
ISO Demo 213MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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