Dead City, The NiHiLiS Games 2004

Several megabytes containing slighty moronic, pseudo-philosophical texts, depressive moody graphics and an ambient melancholic music, an absurd story and primitive puzzles. All of this awaits you in this 1st person 2D adventure game. Just out of an asylum, where the player has been since his one true love was the victim of an apparent ritualistic murder, he only wants to drown out the pain with alcohol and morphine, and to exact justice for the memory of his girlfriend. In the process of this quest, he'll visit a number of (intentionally) bleak, dismal locations that are all realized in a striking visual style. It's created using the Wintermute Engine. The audiovisual aspect of the game is provided through a simple 3D art and an original ambient music created specifically for this game. This is a multilingual version which includes English, Czech, Italian and Russian translations.
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Free Game 10MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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