DROD: Deadly Rooms Of Death Webfoot Technologies, Inc. / TLK Games, Caravel Games 1997

Deadly Rooms of Death (more commonly known as DROD) is a unique puzzle game that is played in an environment that can be called a fantasy parody. Beethro Budkin is a Smitemaster in the fictional world of Eighth. His work is to slay various monsters in locations assigned. His latest employer is King Dugan, who has recklessly allowed his dungeon to become infested with all kinds of creatures, most notably, roaches. The quest is to eradicate them all. DROD features a distinct dose of satirical humour, with funny messages displayed at various places in the levels and between them - and, in the latest version, hilarious lines said by Beethro himself. What is DROD gameplay-wise? Basically, the player controls Beethro through a series of interconnected rooms and in an attempt to clear out the monsters, one has to learn the rules that they follow in order to move. This way, the player will be able to stay one step ahead of the critters and eventually vanquish them. Being turn based and providing the player with infinite amounts of lives, the game is clearly not about time management or arcade skills, but about carefully planning every single step. Release history for DROD is as follows: 1997 - original shareware release by Webfoot Technologies; 2002 - freeware release by Caravel Games, later upgraded to Architect's Edition with the ability to create custom level packs, or holds; 2003 - shareware release of a 3D remake by TLK Games; 2005 - commercial release by Caravel Games as DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon 2.0. Featuring all engine improvements from DROD 2.0 plus a fully voiced script and a new hold labeled The Choice, it's considered a Smitemaster's Selection, albeit it is standalone.
DROD 3D Trial Demo ~5MB ( @ DROD 3D)
Freeware Caravel DROD 13MB (@ Caravel Games)
DROD: Architects' Edition Full Demo 13MB (@ Abandonia Reloaded)
Webfoot DROD + DROD 3D + Architects' Edition + King Dugan's Dungeon + Journey to Rooted Hold + The City Beneath + Smitemaster's Selections + Tendry's Tale - Full Demos 366MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
2006 King Dugan's Dungeon v2.0.12 - Full Demo 43MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
King Dugan's Dungeon Browser-Playable 3-Level Demo (uploaded by Official Site)
Webfoot DROD - Full Demo 803kb (uploaded by Delacroix)
DROD 3D - Full Demo 8MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
King Dugan's Dungeon - GOG ISO Demo v. 50MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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