Die By The Sword: Limb From Limb Treyarch Invention / Interplay 1998

This official add-on for Die by the Sword comes with the following new features: Revised Quests, Increased Character Selections, Cooperative Quest Mode, New Monsters, New Weapons, Battle Arenas and New Multiplayer Games. It stars Enric's aptly loudmouthed mate Maya, offers long stretches of cavern and dungeon interspersed with the rare but always banal block puzzle. It expands the combat arena with several new battlefields and lets you play as the new monsters in addition to multiple versions of returning characters (with different skins and weapons). There's a new king-of-the-hill mode, as well as the fairly amusing ogre hockey, in which you try to smack a subservient kobold into the enemy player's goal. It isn't any longer than the original though, there are no cinematics, no ending, and really just a lot of repetitive combat that seemed much more contextual in the original game. Sure, you'll fight a few new enemies including a minotaur and a big beetle, and you can play the campaign as several different characters, but there's no new texture maps and no new architecture.
Full Demo 104MB (uploaded by Scaryfun) *requires original game
ISO Demo 189MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Die by the Sword - Xtended v1.6.0 (Graphics Enhancement & Runs on Modern Systems) 6MB (uploaded by The Hazardous Realm)
Die by the Sword & Die by the Sword - Limb from Limb (White Label) ISO Demo 699MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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