Dragon Age: Origins BioWare Edmonton / Electronic Arts 2009

This rpg utilizes a new game engine named Eclipse and has a toolset for creation of fan-made content, though it is a single-player only game. Famed developer BioWare made this as a 'spiritual successor' to the Baldur's Gate series, though it is not based on Dungeons & Dragons. It's a 'dark heroic fantasy' story told on an epic scale with mature themes. The player will begin his or her journey in one of the six Origin stories which serve as an introductory point for the players and present the world from their personal point of view. The Origin chosen determines who the character is and by the same measure how NPCs (party and non-party) will react to the player. Players get to choose between the Human Noble, the Human/Elf Mage, the City Elf, the Dalish Elf, the Dwarf Commoner and the Dwarf Nobleman. Although each character eventually becomes a Grey Warden and follows the same general storyline, there are six opening scenarios that provide a unique origin and details how your chosen warrior comes to join up with the only force able to fight back the evil Darkspawn. As with any Western RPG, personalization is important. The character creation mode greets new players, and thankfully the options are deep without being overwhelming. As well as choosing a character, players can also choose a class. Some classes are restricted to certain characters, and as the game progresses, these classes can be further specialized. For instance, a Mage might eventually work his way toward becoming a feared and deadly Blood Mage. The three base classes are Rogue, Warrior and Mage, and each one works as you'd expect, with Rogues able to act as stealthy thieves, Warriors packing a selection of hard-hitting physical attacks and Mages ... well, you know what they do. A free add-on called The Stone Prisoner will add a stone golem character to the player's party from the beginning of the game, unlocking numerous story options. Another free DLC called Blood Armor will provide upgraded protection for players wishing to deflect the swords and missiles of opponents in the game. As an added bonus, it will also be wearable in Mass Effect 2, due out early next year.

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DVD ISO Demo 7.68GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
19 Pre-Order DLC 450MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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