Dream Machine, The Cockroach Inc. 2010

Online adventure game from Swedish game designers and developers, all made out of plasticine and cardboard. On-line - because the authors used an interesting approach: the game runs on Windows, Mac or Linux with a browser that supports Adobe Flash Player 8 or higher, with graphics and data gradually loading on site. Plus - you have the opportunity to play (including, from last place from which you left off) on any computer. Negatives - the need to access the Internet. It is planned for five episodes. Chapter 1 (Dec 14) - Game begins with the fact that Victor and Alicia, for which you then have to play, enter into a new apartment and learn that she and the whole house bring with them some secrets. Alicia details a rather horrific dream which involved the building's caretaker. Victor must get a new key and get his furniture delivered. These tasks lead you to investigate some odd neighbours and strange discoveries about the apartment. Chapter 2 (Dec 14) - It turns out the apartment has an Inception-like machine within its walls, in which one person is able to step into the dream space of another. With this technology, you'll need to journey through the dreams of other inhabitants and sever their connection with the machine. Chapter 3 (Oct 31/2011) - You’re trying to help your wife out of a strange sleep-based situation, which involves entering the dream she’s trapped in. A dream set on a boat, in which every member of the crew is... you. And each one is numbered and you're number 6 (which is one of several references to the cult tv series The Prisoner). Chapter 4 (Aug 1/2013) - Victor must gain access to his elderly neighbour's dream and find his way to the heart of her frail and decaying mind. Chapter 5 (Nov 14/2014) - Victor must gain access to the last two neighbors' dreams and try to stop the dream machine once and for all. Chapter 6 (May 11/2017) - Victor must journey to the heart of dreams in order to rescue his loved ones from the dream machine.
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Browser-Playable Level Demo ( @ Official Site)
Episodes 1-3 ISO Demo 111MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 709MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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