DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale Caravel Games 2008

Created by Mike Rimer, DROD RPG is a DROD game coupled with several RPG elements including hitpoints, equipment, and the ability to change weapons. The game turns CaravelGames in a new direction and features a new character, Tendry, who tries to find his way to the surface world. Some of the older puzzle elements were changed to reflect the RPG style, including keys to open doors that used to open under certain conditions. What makes DROD RPG different from the typical role-playing experience is that it contains no randomness. Enemy encounters, items, areas and treasures are all carefully designed to bring you a series of engaging, well thought-out puzzles that are a joy to solve. There is no grinding and each area is a completely unique experience. Movement is turn-based, and you may play as quickly or slowly as you want. Play this game to relax and contemplate, or take advantage of its large depth and optional elements of challenge and replayability. There's 13 interlocking puzzle levels with over 350 rooms, filled with traps, secrets, and surprises. You have 25 swords, shields and special items to find, each with unique capabilities. Dozens of monster types and boss enemies with varying abilities and behavior, plus a powerful campaign editor are available. There's an incredibly active player community on the official forum too.
Level Demo ~45MB ( @ Caravel Games)
Webfoot DROD + DROD 3D + Architects' Edition + King Dugan's Dungeon + Journey to Rooted Hold + The City Beneath + Smitemaster's Selections + Tendry's Tale - Full Demos 366MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
GOG ISO Demo v2.4.0.10 109MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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