Return NULL Michael L├╝ckgen / Digital Tribe, iNDEE SOLO 2015

In a distant dystopian society under a heavy and oppressive militaristic force you find yourself in the shoes of Jack Drebin. Long time Local Security Force member. Husband. Soon to be father. You go about your business day-in and day-out working hard to keep the city streets safe. Then as fate would have it, your day to day life is thrown into chaos during a routine search and seizure on a suspected terrorist. Episode 1 (Apr 2) is the first in a 3 part Point-and-Click Adventure series. Done in an indie European comic art style, players will examine their environments for clues, carry on dynamic conversations, collect items and solve logical environmental puzzles to advance through the twisting narrative. When the action gets hot, Return NULL incorporates a real-time duck and cover shoot out mechanic that elevates the tension and puts the player in immediate danger. It features: 10 unique characters, each with different emotional dialogue portraits; 14 interactive hand drawn locations; unique indie European comic art style; 7 original composed music tracks that set the mood and tone of each scene; innovative, Real-Time Gunplay mechanic. Episode 2 (Oct 9) Jack Drebin wakes up in the headquarters of the Dissonant Octave and discovers their plans to fight against the oppression of the Local Security Force. He joins the supposed terrorist group in their plot to undermine the rule of the LSF. In a final effort to exact revenge, Jack agrees to take part in one more mission to overthrow the oppressive forces that govern his world. And in joining the rebellion, he uncovers terrible truths which point to the exciting climax. Choices of Episode 2 effect Episode 3; additional sound tracks add tension and atmosphere; new and improved Comic book style illustrations; shooting system with moving targets; deeper character background and expanded content. Episode 3.
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Episode 1 & 2 - Multi2 (EN/DE) ISO Demo 619MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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