Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood Of Steel 14° East, Micro Forte / Interplay Entertainment 2001

In this followup to the acclaimed first two games in the post-apocalyptic strategic RPG series, you become the newest member of the Brotherhood of Steel, a group whose mission is to restore the world to prosperity through technology and science. There's a deadly enemy lurking about the world, and you'll engage a series of intricate missions controlling up to six skilled characters at a time in order to bail the rest of globe out of trouble. Each of your squad member's performances will improve with experience, earning you bonuses and new items. Play alone or take your squad into battle against other players online.
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included in Fallout: The Ultimate Collection 6CD ISO Demo 3.73GB (uploaded by Egon68)
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Level Demo ~115Mb ( @ Download.com)
3CD ISO Demo & Bonus CD 2125MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Included in Fallout Collection (2008)DVD ISO Demo 3.30GB (upped by Shattered) which includes Fallout v1.2, Fallout 2 v1.0, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel v1.13 & Bonus Materials
GOG Version ISO Demo 1.78gb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
Fallout Tactics Classic - GOG Digital ISO Demo English, French, German - v2.1.0.12 1.90GB / 1.89GB / 1.91GB (uploaded by Shattered)
MAC GOG Digital ISO Demo v1.0.0.7 1.78GB (uploaded by Shattered)

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