Fantastic Adventures Of Dizzy / Fantastic Dizzy Codemasters Software Company Limited, The 1993

This was the most technically-advanced of Dizzy's adventure games in many ways. It was the only one to feature actual scrolling rather than a flick-screen system, the only one not to be released for the 8 bit computers the character originated on, the only one to originate on a console, and the only one to feature pure arcade sub-games, such as a simple Operation Wolf clone and a runaway mine-cart section. Gameplay involves walking Dizzy through the levels, picking up objects and using them to solve simple puzzles. There are plenty of tests of arcade skill along the way as well, as gaps must be jumped and baddies avoided - you have 3 lives to negotiate all this with. As well as aiming to rescue the beautiful Daisy, you are also aiming to collect as many stars as you can - there are at least 100 in each version. It was also notable for being the last adventure-style Dizzy game ported to the PC.
Full Demo 800kb (@ Abandonia)
included in Dizzy: 30th Anniversary Collection 397MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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