Fantasy World Dizzy The Oliver Twins / Codemasters 1989

The game is considered the third in the Dizzy series and even was developed under the name Dizzy 3, because the third game in the series Fast Food Dizzy was not an adventure game and deviated from the Dizzy format. The game was the first to include the Yolkfolk; Daisy, Denzil, Dozy, Dylan and Grand Dizzy. Daisy has got lost in the fantasy world of the title. Dizzy sets off to rescue her, braving dragons, rats and alligators along the way. The lands are littered with coins, and as well as completing the main task you should aim to collect as many of these as possible. There are puzzles on most screens, involving collecting objects such as keys, food and water buckets, and using them on doors, flames and such. Unlike the first two games, dialogue boxes between Dizzy and various other characters are included, giving the game a sense of character and humor as well as guiding you through the puzzles somewhat. It could be the best game of the series. In 2007 a faithful remake was made by Peter Teal, administrator of the fan site Theo's Grotto, using the Dizzy AGE engine.
Full Demo 177kb ( @ Abandonia)
Free 2007 Remake 1MB (uploaded by
included in Dizzy: 30th Anniversary Collection 397MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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