Fiend GripDesign / FiendTeam 2001

When Nick Cane is sent by his Boston firm to inspect a mine in Lauder, a sleepy village tucked away in the woods of New England, his subterranean expedition unleashes a great evil. Wild wolves are on the loose, vile rats use the darkness to cover their hunt, and in the depths of a forgotten mansion something is waiting. Fiend is a top-down, 2D tile-based game. The game took around 2 years of work to finish. The engine is made using the allegro library and has features such as realtime lighting and particles effects. While Nick begins unarmed, he quickly finds a gun to fight off the beasts of Lauder. Nick also collects old manuscripts to decipher the mystery of Lauder, healing tonics to cure his wounds, and inventory items to solve puzzles. Lovecraft-inspired, this freeware game finds a niche outside the traditional survival horror realm and balances action with adventure.
Freeware Full Game 6MB(@ The Game Hippo)
Full Freeware 6MB (@ Free Game Archive)
Full Freeware 6MB (@ Acid Play)

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