Ghost Temple Xgameworks 2002

This is a 3D horror adventure game from a Chinese developer. It includes some riddle elements and has an atmosphere like Resident Evil. The only difference is that the story of Ghost Temple happened in the era of cold war. Actually, the story of the game doesn't base on the departed Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. Its groundwork is the Hong Kong film the Soul of the Beauty. In the close quarter tussles, the game emphasizes the movement quality. The player mainly attack by legs and the sword. You can even use some given key combination to carry out continuous stunts. In the game if you use the magic, it will consume strength. But you can buy more strength in the game. The magic can be used to attack the enemy and also can be used to renew one's life value. The magic attacks in the game are controlled by the figure keys. You can use the Key M to release the magic. The players need to buy the magic by their integrals. And you can buy ten types in all. Magic is divided into three kinds: for attacking, for renewing, and for state attacking. The attacking magic mostly use fire, ice or electricity to attack the enemies long distance. The renew magic can be used to renew one's life or to cure a special state (such as poisoning).
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English Level Demo 170MB ( @
Chinese 3CD ISO Demo 1.46GB (uploaded by Meddle)

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