Gregory & The Hot Air Balloon Mindscape / Broderbund Software 1994

Want to give you children a magical world in which to play? Gregory and the Hot Air Balloon stars Gregory Chuckwood, a precocious young woodchuck, and his trusty pet lizard, Newt, who live in the make-believe town of Acorn Hollow. This adventure story for children ages 4-7, begins when Gregory and Newt take a wild ride in a hot air balloon and are whisked away to a far-off land. It's up to the player to help Gregory and Newt find their way home by solving puzzles and searching for objects to help them accomplish that goal. The keys to the solution lie in a local carnival Gregory finds near the balloon landing site. Activities emphasize important learning skills including logical reasoning, phonics, creative arts, visual discrimination, letters and counting. Storybooks are included in each program. Children may page through these illustrated books at their own pace and read the text along with the narration.
ISO Demo 208MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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