Guilty: Innocent Until Caught 2 Divide By Zero / Psygnosis Limited 1995

This sequel to the underrated Innocent Until Caught sports the same flexible game engine, with better and longer plot. Intergalactic two-bit thief and failed womanizer Jack T. Ladd is back, but this time you can also choose to play as Ladd's female nemesis and potential love interest, who has her own different path that converges with Jack's near the end. The puzzles in Guilty are not as challenging or innovative as those in the first game (there are a lot less items you can combine, for example), although they are still fun to solve. Dialogues and plot also are not as well-written this time around, but the 2 diverging paths that make the game replayable at least twice more than makes up for it. A fun game if you like the first game, but nothing revolutionary. The game starts with Ysanne, the tough feminist redhead, capturing Jack for his crimes. After being jailed aboard the spaceship Relentless, Jack escapes his cell and destroys the ship's hyperdrive, forcing the duo to land on a mining planet for fuel. It turns out that there is noone on the planet, and they have to figure out what has happened. The clues lead to another planet, and an alien invasion. As the unwilling team goes from planet to planet, they try to locate the source of the alien invasion and eventually stop it. The game features a simple set of six actions you can take, which make for an easy interaction with the game world. Guilty, like its predecessor, uses rendered flight scenes for the spacecraft landing and taking off. The CD version of the game adds full speech for the two protagonists.
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Full Demo with DOSBox 87MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
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Full Demo ( @ Abandonia)
Video Review
ISO Demo 123MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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