Hero X Amazing Games, Worldwide MicroTronics, Inc. / Infogrames, Inc. 2001

As a former apprentice to a superhero, you are ready to strike out on your own. You have been provisionally assigned to protect Smalltown from evil big and small. Unknown to you, the evil Mr. C has plans for Smalltown, and you are in the way. Defeat evil in various forms such as Biker Gangs, Frat Boys, Gangsters, Killer Clowns, and various super villains. Discover Mr. C's evil plot, and stop it before it's too late. Hero X is an isometric perspective 3rd-person superhero game where you punch and kick your way through enemies as well as use some of your superpowers. With over 50 superpowers to choose from, plus ability to customize your hero's looks (to a certain extent), your strategy will be different each time you play. In contrast, one of the major disappointments with Hero X is the lack of diversity in what you see. Most physical settings look very similar, with only a small range of colors, that are pretty stark and empty. Most of the villains, including hoods, crime lords, losers, and thugs or all sorts, are roughly the same size possessing the same kind of features, with nobody nearly as ominous as Freedom Force's Lord Dominion; the result is that you do not develop an immersive obsession with eradicating any of them. This combination of run-of-the-mill cookie cutter opponents and bland locales reduces the enjoyment of the gameplay.
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Full Demo 247Mb (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 441MB (uploaded by Meddle)
Clone ISO Demo 444MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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