Historion [G] Ruske & P├╝hretmaier / Heureka-Klett 2002

This history adventure is for young people starting from 12 years and adults as well. Historion carries the player forward on an unbelievable time journey into the past - straight through the centuries. A virus threatens the last digital large library, the collected knowledge of world history is in danger. The player goes on the dangerous mission and travels into long past epochs, in order to find the legendary magic stones. But the way back into the future is blocked, only one who has courage and the necessary knowledge can retrieve for mankind the knowledge of world history. Dip into the strange world of history, of antiquities up to the Middle Ages. The fight against mystic shapes requires much courage, cunning and knowledge. Famous world miracles await to be investigated and so do some prominent personalities from the past who are not averse to having a discussion. There are dangerous missions with exciting scenes, cunning opponents, and mysteries to be solved - in such a way that history becomes alive. There's impressive buildings like the Colossus of Rhodes and you can see that it was located in the middle in the city. The art and mythology of Greeks is just as impressive as the art and architecture of the time. Buildings, statues and architectural styles are shown and explained. Regional studies include the special flora and fauna as well as the climate of the visited landscapes and geographical characteristics. There's handicraft and technology inventions to make Papyrus and water pumps - an alive picture of the life at that time results. Economics - which goods were used and what value had they? With which coins did one pay? Society - humans living together need a system. Civil rights and a two-class system, even beard fashions of men. Military and politics - always these two topics take on a large role. Here there is information about the knight's large cross medals and about ancient rulers and their power plays. The adventure begins in Olympia and continues to lead to the library of Alexandria. There, a meeting with Cleopatra and Caesar awaits. The Colossus of Rhodes and the earthquake, which destroyed this world miracle plays just as crucial a role.
German Clone 2CD ISO Demo 1.48GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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