Hollywood Monsters [Sp] PĂ©ndulo Studios, S.L. / Dinamic Multimedia 1997

This is an old school-type graphic adventure, right down to the verb-selecting SCUMM-ish interface. Every year the "Hollywood Monsters awards ceremony" is organized to recognize the acting monsters. You play a reporter from "The Quill" who gets the assigned to cover the show (celebrated at the apropiatedly gloomy Hannover mansion, owned by the president of MKO pictures). However things go bad and both your character and Frankenstein dissapear. You'll then procede through the game alternating between Sue (the first character) and Ron, who was sent to find out what happened. All this in a world populated with wacky versions of popular horror movie monsters (the werewolf appears as a gigolo, the mummy is whipped by his wife, etc...).
Spanish ISO Demo 318MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English subtitles patch 4MB (uploaded by zobraks)

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