Hopkins FBI MP Entertainment 1998

As Hopkins's arch nemesis, Bernie Beckson, is about to be electrocuted for commandeering a nuclear missal bombardment on the state of California, the lights flicker, and when they come back on the electric chair is empty. Since Special Agent Hopkins was responsible for capturing Beckson the first time, he is immediately notified of the improbable escape. It is a great beginning that gets even better as the deranged Beckson then proceeds to kidnap, torture and mutilate renowned scientists and friends of Hopkins. The bodies are always found in a grisly fashion that recalls the classic Vincent Price movie The Abominable Dr. Phibes. Written clues are left at the scene of each progressively bloodier carcass in order to lead Hopkins to the next victim. Then in the middle of the story, there are two startlingly tragic occurrences that are totally unexpected, but instead of using this as a springboard to darken the mood of the story, Hopkins instead leaves the city and follows his foe first to a lush tropical island, then to an underwater lair that appears as though it were constructed by a supervillain and finally to the Realm of the Dead. It's a fun but disappointingly short cartoon adventure. Lack of hype and distribution muscle makes this one of the most obscure adventure games ever made. The mood and style of Hopkins FBI belies is bright, cartoony graphics: a noir detective game, full of shady characters and gory scenes that will likely offend some people. The premise is banal, but developed quite nicely throughout the game. The game is very much a French-style graphic adventure, the likes of which are rarely seen since Revolution's excellent Broken Sword games. The characters are believable, and the pace of the game is handled very well, with excellent cut-scenes throughout the game that advance the storyline.
ISO Demo 423MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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Linux ISO Demo 342MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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