NetherWorld: Beyond Time I Stand / Inferno: Where Death Is Your Only Ally / Agni: Queen of Darkness Irrational Games / FX Labs, Cosmi 2008

This is a horror themed action-RPG game originally from developer Irrational Games called The Lost. The title was announced back in 2000 for the Playstation 2 as a modern day remake of Dante's Inferno with a mother going into Hell to rescue the soul her daughter who suffered from an accidental death. The game would have allowed the player to not only play as Amanda but other characters that she trades forms with during the game. The Lost was originally to be released via Crave Entertainment and use the LithTech engine but delays crept in when the game switched to the Unreal engine and the rights were picked up in 2004 by FX Labs and released in India finally in 2008 as Agni: Queen of Darkness. Immerse yourself in the puzzle and suspense of finding Tara's lost child; use AGNI's dynamic powers to fight your way out. Visually stunning environments, challenging boss battles, find your answers through the gates of AGNILOK and unfold the mystery of Milli. It was later released in Poland as Inferno: Where Death Is Your Only Ally and finally in English as NetherWorld: Beyond Time I Stand.
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Polish DVD ISO 2.13GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English DVD ISO Demo 2.26GB (uploaded by closer1000)

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